Our farming people operate businesses that are highly exposed to seasonal events and accidents. Our specialist brokers ensure that these assets have the best possible insurance programme in place and our claims specialists ensure that all claims achieve the best possible outcome.
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Group 1574

Rural Material Damage

Covering physical assets such as buildings, irrigators, plant, and machinery.

Group 1575

Rural Business Interruption

Protection of your farm income when an event for which you are insured affects your normal farming operation.

Group 1576

Rural Motor Vehicle

Theft and accident protection for the vehicles you require to operate your farming business.

Group 1577

Machinery Breakdown

The increasing size of machines and their level of technology mean repairs can be very costly. This can be insured for.

Group 1578


Protecting our farmers against the unforeseen loss of valuable rams, bulls and working dogs.

Path 2285


Unforeseen seasonal events can wipe out many months of work and the significant costs of growing your high-value crops. Crop insurance can provide peace of mind against such events.

Group 1579

Rural Liability

Farmers are increasingly exposed to legislative requirements applying to farms, and the risk of damaging neighbouring properties or waterways. A rural liability policy can provide the financial protection required against legislative breaches and third-party damages.