Protecting our personal assets ensures we are not exposed to an unaffordable financial loss as a result of an unforeseen event. Our insurance specialists will customize an insurance plan to ensure that people who entrust their business to Hazlett Insurance have the protection they require. Our claims specialist will ensure that the best possible claims outcomes are achieved.
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Group 1589


Insurance designed to protect what is many people’s most valuable asset, their home, and ensure that the property is eligible for a bank mortgage where required.

Group 1590

Car & Motorcycle

Accidents and theft of vehicles are unfortunately commonplace events. Appropriate insurance will ensure that the cost of repairs or replacement can be readily met.

Group 1591


Motorhomes are becoming increasing popular and, as for cars, require protection against accident or theft.

Group 1592


Your contents insurance is there to protect you against losses or theft of your home contents and valuable personal assets.

Group 1570


As for your personal vehicles, boats are at risk of accidents and theft and it is important to know you are protected from any such unforeseen event.

Group 1594


We all love to travel, but the risk of lost goods or medical events is very real and it is important that you can enjoy your trips with the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance.